In April 1993 Hino Motors adopted the HINO GLOBAL Environment Charter, a compilation of the company's policies on global environment conservation, and the HINO GLOBAL Environment Action Plan (subsequently revised in FY 1996), an action plan to implement the policies outlined in the Charter.

After all of the targets set forward in the Action Plan were successfully met, in February 2001 the HINO GLOBAL Charter was revised in association with a new mid-term action plan, and new targets including compliance with ISO 14001 - an international standard for environmental management systems - were outlined in a new action plan named Environment Initiative Plan.

Basic Policies

1. We will promote comprehensive and ongoing environmental protection. As a leading manufacturer of diesel vehicles, we will endeavor to offer superior products to customers in all countries, and continue to contribute to the achievement of greater prosperity through our products. In this, we are fully aware of the environmental impact of our products, and pledge ourselves to an earnest commitment to sustainable human and global development through ongoing efforts, whilst also paying careful attention to preventing pollution wherever we engage in our corporate activities.

2. We will take concrete and definite steps to protect the global environment. Through the establishment and operation of our Environmental Management System we will maintain continuous efforts to define, assess and review environmental goals and targets while strictly adhering to all legal and other requirements placed upon us.

Action Guidelines

1. We will minimize the environmental impact of our vehicles throughout their life cycles, and of all our corporate activities in general. We are determined to offer the public products having top-level environmental performance, and to engage in continuous technical development designed to minimize the environmental impact of our products and their distribution. We will also engage in the establishment and operation of an Environmental Management System embracing all stages in the life cycle of our vehicles.

2. We will develop closer partnerships with our affiliated companies. The cooperation of a great many companies is critical for the effective pursuit of our business activities. We will work closely with vehicle manufacturing partners both in Japan and abroad, and will strive to extend the mutual range of our environmental protection efforts.

3. We will make greater efforts in the areas of information disclosure, education and awareness-promoting activities. We will engage in activities designed to disseminate to as many people as possible a correct and proper understanding of what we are trying to achieve. At the same time, we will spare no effort to hone our own environmental sensitivity.

4. Our contribution is not limited to the offering of superior products. As corporate citizens, and as a corporate entity existing within a local community, we will take an active part in a broad range of community and social activities.


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