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If one had to communicate the appeal of the HINO 500 series in one statement, what would it be? A truck that achieves both low emissions and excellent fuel consump-tion. A truck with an exceptional suspension that drives nimbly around town as well as on the motorway.


A truck that revolution-izes the medium-duty class with its large load capacity. A beautifully styled truck that will improve your company’s image. A truck with a state-of-the-art cab that is comfortable and fi tted with numerous safety features. Because the HINO 500 series is a medium-duty truck that satisfi es all of these statements at very high levels, it is very diffi cult to choose just one statement.


The HINO 500 series delivers a broad range of benefi ts ranging from its excel-lent environment-friendliness to economic effi ciency, driving performance that contrib-utes to excellent operation rates, thoroughly calculated and sophisticated design, loading capacity that improves the quality of your transportation operations, reduced cargo area vibration, various safety features and its attention to driver comfort without compro-mising a single area. This truck is the embodi-ment of HINO’s uncompromising philosophy and technologies for creating trucks for the next age.


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The HINO 500 series has been designed for ease of inspection and maintenance. The front panel allows you to easily check and refi ll your engine coolant, clutch fl uid, window washer liquid and wiper links. The fuse and relay blocks have been consolidated into the instrument panel on the passenger side for ease of inspection and replacement. Additionally, the use of a newly designed multi-pre-cleaner reduces the amount of water intake, improving engine reliability and reducing maintenance.

The design concept of the Hino 500 series interior that delivers a comfortable driving experience is a “roundish & donut cabin.” The instrument panel — designed with a low profi le and uncluttered line to secure excellent frontal vision — this fits the “roundish” description, with meters, switches and a speaker system that produces audio with a real sense of presence, all laid out in an easy-to-view and easy-to-use manner. This highly functional and comfortable space was designed to provide the best in operation

The HINO 500 series is now fi tted with the latest J-series engine that complies with European regulations14J08E


HINO has made further improve ments to the common rail system to deliver better fuel economy and dramatically reduce black smoke. Additionally, through the “engine collaborative control system” that controls the “variable nozzle turbocharger” and “cool EGR” we were able to achieve a dramatic reduction in NOx and Particulate emissions.

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